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Bygone Theatre strives to create and produce historically accurate theatre with classic cinema  tropes and aesthetics. We serve Toronto by; producing character driven stories written or set during the early to mid-twentieth century; educating students and audience members on our shows and their place in history; providing artists with practical training and advice on how to produce quality period productions as an independent theatre artist.


Bygone Theatre's goal is to promote the growth and development of independent theatre in Toronto through production, education and outreach. We produce character-driven stories that are written or set in the early to mid-twentieth century in an attempt to connect audiences to parts of our past that remain relevant and intriguing today. Through education initiatives such as classroom workshops and student matinees, we connect younger generations to pieces of history they are unlikely to encounter elsewhere, while also fostering youth interest and participation in theatre production. Outreach initiatives connect Bygone with other historically focused groups in Toronto, further strengthening our city's cultural heritage. Bygone's commitment to accessible theatre is shown through our use of wheelchair accessible venues; our various ticket discounts for disadvantaged, underserved and minority communities; and inclusion of artists of all skill and experience levels both on and off stage, including training positions for those who are new to a role.


Bygone Theatre is committed to developing a long-term sustainability plan that incorporates a commitment to diversity, equity and accessibility; social responsibility; and environmental stewardship. For more information, visit out Diversity Statement page or our Sustainability page.

Bygone Theatre is an incorporated non-profit and a registered charity.

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