Wait Until Dark Eric Miinch Bygone Theatre



Directed by Emily Dix
Tarragon Theatre Rehearsal Hall, April 2016


Shannon Lahaie as Susy 
Mark Nocent as Mike 
Eric Miinch as Roat 
Dave Walpole as Carlino,
Abby Strachan as Gloria 
Andrew Lorimer as Sam

Ryan Kotack as Officer Sully


A sinister con man and two ex-convicts are about to meet their match. They have traced the location of a mysterious doll to the Greenwich Village apartment of a young photographer and his blind wife. Persuaded by a strange woman to transport the doll across the Canadian border, the photographer has unknowingly come into possession of the thousands of dollars worth of heroin sewn inside. Through a cleverly constructed deception, the con men convince the wife that the police have implicated her husband in a murder and that the doll is key evidence. However, with the help of a young neighbour, the woman figures out she is the victim of a bizarre charade and realizes that her only chance of survival in this deadly game of cat and mouse, is to plunge all those involved into the total darkness that only she knows how to navigate.



"...very exciting production...And the climax is—wow—intense." -  Istavan Dugalin, Mooney on Theatre

Wait Until Dark Bygone Theatre


Artistic Producer Emily Dix
Alumnae Theatre, June 2016

Eric Lehmann, Elizabeth Rose Morriss, The Vintage Taps, Anuka, Allen Turner aka Mullet the Clown, Dave McKay aka Sketchy the Clown, Mentalist Leigh Beadon, Nicole Byblow, Matthew McGrath, John Fleming, Magician Richard Forget, Felicity Adams-Hannigan. Simon Threkheld and Carlynn Reed

An evening of singing, dancing, clowning, magic and more; historic acts from 1880-1930. Plus, an informative lobby display - a history of Vaudeville in Toronto and abroad.

Elizabeth Rose Morriss Bygone Theatre



"The talent was first class...You really pleased your audience and transported me back to the days of the old Casino burlesque theatre on the south side of Queen Street, west of Bay Street. I’m of the generation who has actually been in some of the theatres in your lobby display. My wife is a costumer and she was very interested in the garments on display. I encourage you to keep developing your vision, so the entertainment of the Vaudeville era is not lost...Again my thanks to you and your talented cast for a great night out at the Theatre!"

                                                                                - Michael V. Spence, Founding President of Theatre Ontario