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Bygone is always looking for volunteers for our events and productions. If you are looking to get your volunteer hours, to gain valuable experience or to just have fun with a great group of artists, send us your resume and a description of what you'd like to do and why you'd like to be involved.

The following positions are open during rehearsal periods for those looking to gain experience working in theatre, or for those who just like to be involved. Potential roles include;

  • Assistant stage manager

  • Assistant set designer

  • Production assistant

  • Marketing & social media assistant


These roles are open to those with little to no previous experience, including high school students. Students may fulfill their requisite 40 volunteer hours with these positions. Children under 18 will need to provide a signed parent permission form. Hours are flexible and some positions can be filled with mostly work done at home.

current opportunities

Do you want to be a booster for Wayne and Shuster?
We are looking to hear from community members who have fond memories of Wayne & Shuster, both the men and their work. We are interested in both written and video submissions, and will be sharing these stories on our social media accounts in anticipation of the show coming spring 2022. If you have something you'd like to share, send us an
email or tag us in a post - everyone who does will be entered to win a Canadiana Gift Basket and all who submit will be given a free I'm A Booster pin (while supplies last).

AUDITIONS - the birds

A new play written and directed by Emily Dix. Inspired by the Daphne DuMaurier short story and Alfred Hitchcock film of the same name.


SHOW DATES: November 25 - December 11, 2022 Hart House Theatre | 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, ON Rehearsals begin September 2022.


SYNOPSIS: THE BIRDS is a Cold-War Era thriller that examines what happens when the line between truth and paranoia becomes dangerously blurred. New York Socialite Daphne Daniels is headed to an old family cottage with her brother and husband for a weekend of R&R, but when her husband is unexpectedly delayed and their neighbours turn out to be Daphne’s old flame and his new girl, tensions run high. Things take a bizarre turn when reports of violent bird attacks start flooding the airwaves and the sudden crisis brings out everyone’s deepest fears and darkest convictions.


FEE STRUCTURE: All artists will be given a flat $400 honourarium and will be engaged in a profit-share. If union members are cast the show will be produced under the Equity Collective Agreement.


Daphne: Female, 25-30
A young, recently married NYC socialite who is trying to bring some excitement to her marriage, reconnect with her brother, and stop the boredom of married life from pushing her to do something reckless as she would have in her younger days. Opinionated and outspoken at times, she finds herself following the pack if it seems like it will mean positive attention from those she admires.

David: Male, 25-35

Daphne's brother. Sensitive, anxious, and unsure of his sexuality, he has difficulty fitting in. Recently spent some time in the hospital after a botched suicide attempt, which his family brushes off as more of a retreat stay than necessary medical treatment. Attempting to reconnect with his sister who he has not been close to in many years. Feels like he's on a tipping point.

Mitch: Male, 30-35
Daphne's old flame, the picture perfect version of mid century masculinity. His good looks and charm just barely cover his misogyny. Likes to be the hero, but prioritizes his own interests.

Annie: Female, 20-25
Mitch's new girlfriend, young and seemingly naive, eager to please and often submissive. The prototypical "girl next door", she is underestimated by those who first meet her, but is more observant and clever than people give her credit for.

Hank: Male, 35-50

A rough-and-tumble older man who lives alone in a small cottage and works as caretaker for those who use the houses as summer homes. Initially seems like a "good ole' boy", but the years spent living alone make him stubborn and set in his ways in a sometimes disturbing fashion. Old fashioned, well-meaning, but not to be messed with.

Submit resume and headshot to with the subject "The Birds - Auditions". Those selected will be asked to submit a self-tape: callbacks will take place in-person at a date and time TBA. All cast and crew must be triple vaccinated against COVID-19 - proof of vaccination will be required along with self-tape submission.


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