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Directed by Emily Dix
Gibson House Museum, November 2014


Leete Stetson as Brandon Wyndham
Nicholas Arnold as James Kelly
Jamieson Child as Rupert Cadell
Chelsey MacLean as Leila Arden
Matthew McGrath as Kenneth Raglan
Ian McGarret as Dr.Kentley
Elizabeth Rose Morriss as Miss Kentley

Caitlin Robson as Miss Jeffries, The Maid

Costume Design by Emily Dix 

Costume Construction by Karen Henderson

Millinery by David Dunkley 
Set and Prop Design by Emily Dix
Stage Management by Devon Potter

Emily Dix and Matthew McGrath

Bygone Theatre | Rope | Leete Stetson




& adapted by

emily dix

"Under director and costume designer Emily Dix, the visual details, including millinery by David Dunkley, are generally understated but impressive...Most importantly, she generally keeps the tension taut: will someone discover what’s in the trunk?"
                                                    - Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine


Inspired by true events, Patrick Hamilton’s 1929 play is an edge-of-your-seat thriller about two young men who murder a classmate in cold blood, just for the sheer “thrill of it”. The story unfolds in real-time, watching as the young men host a party with the deceased still in their apartment. A chilling look into the mind of young killers and the idea that some men deserve the “privilege” of murder. Director Emily Dix has updated this text and adapted the story for a Canadian audience in the beautiful site-specific setting of the historic Gibson House Museum. In-keeping with Bygone Theatre’s mandate and style, the show will be a beautiful period piece with authentic-styled props and costumes. Hats designed by award winning milliner David Dunkley.

"The supporting cast are excellent...the character work is outstanding...where this company dug up such marvellous and contrasting costumes is beyond me." - Mike Anderson, Mooney on Theatre

Directed by Jamieson Child
Theatre 80, Manhattan, NYC,
August 2015

Samantha Walkes as Lily 
Astrid Atherly as Kitty 
Aaron Maxwell Williams as Dagger
Thomas Finn as Ronnie 
Heather Motut as Teresa
Felicity Adams-Hannigan as Kourtney 
Robert Iannuzziello as Mooky

Greg Germann        Tim Basom 
Enrique Mancia       Zac Selissen 


Lyrics by David Backshell 
Music by Michael Zahorak 

Musical Direction by Michael Zahorak

Stage Management by Emily Dix

Costumes by Jacquie Jefferies

Props by Emily Dix

Emily Dix, Drac Child, Jamieson Child

Bygone Theatre | Killer Sister, Kill! | Aaron Maxwell Williams

kill sister,


a musical




A Psychotronic, Hell-trip of Song, Sleaze and Revenge! A nun, doing God's work on the filthy streets of 70s New York, reunites with her beloved sister to celebrate her wedding. Their night of revelry is despoiled by two vulgar, depraved sickos. Left for dead and robbed of her sister and her voice, the Woman of God rebuilds herself as a Weapon of Hellbent Vengeance!

New York Times Top 10 Fringe Shows to See
(NYC International Fringe Festival, 2015).

"The extraordinarily talented cast...worked as a cohesive whole to bring this dark musical to life. Kill Sister, Kill! is ready for prime time and I think there is an audience out there who will appreciate what the production team has achieved. Shock musical theater may be here to stay!"
​- Dr. Tom Stevens, Rising Action

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