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The Rear Window Bygone Theatre



Directed by Emily Dix
TORONTO, March 8-17, 2019

Tristan Claxton as L.B.Jefferies
Kate McArthur as Lena Hall
Alex Clay as Charles Thomas
Antonino Pruiti as Lars Thorwald
Elizabeth Rose Morriss as Mrs Thorwald

Isaiah Kolundzic as The Working Stiff
Sarah Marchand as The Dancing Girl
Casey Romanin as The Newlywed Husband
Kathleen Welch as The Newlywed Wife


Fight Direction by Matt Richardson

Set, Prop & Costume Design by Emily Dix

Head Carpenter Isaiah Kolundzic
Lighting Design by Wes Babcock
Stage Management by Whitney Hewitt

Emily Dix & Conor Fitzgerald


The Rear Window Bygone Theatre




*A Canadian Actor's Equity Association production under the Artist's Collective Policy. Created as part of The Rear Window Collective. Supported by Bygone Theatre.

Recuperating from a broken leg, a news photographer spends his days cooped up in his New York apartment, watching his neighbours through the rear window of his home. The intense summer heat wave, a growing addiction to his painkillers, and the kind of delirium brought on by boredom and lack of sleep leads him to create fanciful stories about those he spies on, but when the line between truth and reality begins to blur, he finds himself questioning whether he has just witnessed a brutal murder, or whether his demons have finally gotten the best of him.


Based on the short story It Had To Be Murder by Cornell Woolrich, the same tale that inspired the 1954 Hitchcock film, Rear Window (James Stewart, Grace Kelly), The Rear Window takes a new look at this classic tale of a peeping Tom who saw more than he wanted to see. Still set in the 1950s, the play's relevancy to today is undeniable in a world where many of us waste away our hours "spying" on others through social media, while rarely reaching out to those that we follow. A gripping, psychological thriller that will leave you guessing until the final moments whether or not what we're seeing can truly be believed.

"intriguing use of sound to depict Jeff’s mental and internal anguish...(an) engaging and unexpected take on a story many of us thought we knew"
- Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

Nominated for eleven 2019 Broadway World Toronto Awards, including;
Best Play (Equity); Best Independent Production; Best Direction (Emily Dix); Best Original Set Design (Emily Dix); Best Original Lighting Design (Wesley Babcock); Best Original Costume Design (Emily Dix); Best Performance by a Lead Actor (Tristan Claxton); Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role (Tristan Claxton, Alex Clay); Best Performance by a Lead Actress (Kate McArthur); Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role (Kate McArthur).
winner of four 2019 Broadway World Toronto Awards, including;
Best Direction (Emily Dix); Best Performance by a Lead Actor (Tristan Claxton); Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role (Kate McArthur); Best Original Lighting Design (Wesley Babcock)

"a tense look into solitude and desperation...What really drives THE REAR WINDOW is its strong script and solid delivery, with (Tristan) Claxton shining most as the dark, miserable Jeff...a strong thriller that takes cues from the best of the genre - and still finds ways to implant little twists and turns to keep it fresh"
- Isabella Perrone, Broadway World, Toronto

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