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Bygone has a variety of options available for students and educators, including but not limited to;

1. Student discount rates & special matinee performances

2. Talkbacks with actors and creatives

3. In-school workshops on topics such as auditions and careers in the arts

4. Volunteer opportunities

Bygone is committed to creating diverse education program and is always open to discussing new ways to get youth involved. For information on any of our education initiatives, email Artistic Executive Director Emily Dix

current opportunities

STUDENT MATINEES - THE BIRDS | Grade 7-12 | Hart House Theatre | $12 per student
Tuesday November 29th or Tuesday December 6th, 12:00pm

Special matinee performance of The Birds available at a heavily discounted price of only $12 per student (down from $25), teachers and assistants free, and a complementary Q&A/talkback with the cast and crew after the show. Email to book tickets. Options available for students with financial need, email for details.


School Workshops | Grade 7-12 | Online or In-Person | $175 per class of 30


Careers in the Arts: 

Interested in working in the arts, but don't know where to start? This unique workshop will provide students with a realistic view into the arts world, guiding them through a host of career paths and the steps to follow to get there. Bygone Artistic Executive Director Emily Dix will cover topics such as;

  • Post-secondary programs here and abroad

  • Skill building without formal education

  • Unconventional arts related careers

  • How to network in the arts

  • How to build a resume or portfolio, and more.


This workshop can benefit not only arts students, but any senior high school students who are considering future career paths. Also available as a large-scale presentation for an entire grade or school; contact us for pricing. 

The Audition Process:
There's so much more to auditioning than what happens in the audition room, and how you prepare is just as important as how well you perform. Director Emily Dix will walk students through all the key aspects of the audition process, including;

  • Where to find auditions

  • How to get an agent

  • How to pick a monologue

  • How to format a performance resume

  • What to look for in a headshot

  • How to build your "brand" online

  • Audition etiquette, and more. 

Something From Nothing: How To Produce Your First Show:

Recommended for senior high school students, this workshop is a crash-course in indie theatre producing. Topics include:

  • Picking the right show

  • Casting

  • Creating a budget

  • Dealing with venues

  • Raising funds

  • Marketing, and more.

Workshops are available both in-person (in Toronto) and online via Zoom starting September 2021. Email for more details or to register a class. 

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