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Directed by Emily Dix
AUGust 2013


Leete Stetson as Tony Wendice

Rebekah Manella as Margot Wendice
Kenton Blythe as Max Halliday
Reg Matson as Inspector Hubbard
Jason Manella as Lesgate
Ian McGarrett as Police Officer


Fight Direction by Alexis Budd
Costume & Prop Design by Emily Dix
Costume Construction by Karen Henderson

Lighting Design by Reg Matson
Set Design by Michael Bazzochi and Emily Dix
Stage Management by Jayden Hsueh

Youth Production Assistant Janice Li

Emily Dix and Matt McGrath

Bygone Theatre's Dial M For Murder

dial m for murder

by frederick knott

"I was lucky enough to be in the audience tonight. Excellent work by all concerned!...Well acted, tightly directed, deftly staged." - Robert Claxton


Tony Wendice has married his wife, Margot, for her money and now plans to kill her for the same reason. He arranges the perfect murder -unfortunately for Tony, Margot turns out to be a worthy opponent and kills the attacker in self-defence. Seeing this as an opportunity to have his wife convicted for murder, Tony sets about framing her, while Margot's lover, Max, unaware of Tony's plot, tries desperately to free her. A thrilling suspense drama that was the inspiration behind the Hitchcock film of the same name.

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