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The Birds | Bygone Theatre


written & Directed


Inspired by the Daphne DuMaurier short story and
Alfred Hitchcock film of the same name.


November 25 - December 10, 2022

Hart House Theatre | 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto

Anna Douglas as Daphne Daniels

Alex Clay as David Harper

Oliver Georgiou as Mitch Brenner

Kiera Publicover as Annie Hawthorne

Chad Allen as Hank


Set and Lighting Design by Wes Babcock

Sound, Prop and Costume Design by Emily Dix

Fight Direction by Matt Richardson

Assistant Directed by Julia Edda Pape

Stage Managed by Kate McArthur

Assistant Stage Managed by Jane Aster Roe

Production Assistance by Sarah Allen, Kiana Josette and Ainsley Munro


Conor Fitzgerald and Emily Dix

Associate Producer Jane Aster Roe

AA.the birds poster 12_x_18 copy.jpg

Script workshopped and edited with the help of the following artists: Anna Douglas, Alex Clay, Oliver Georgiou, Kiera Publicover, Chad Allen, Julia Edda Pape, Kate McArthur and Jane Aster Roe.


The Birds is a Cold-War Era thriller that examines what happens when the line between truth and paranoia becomes dangerously blurred. New York Socialite Daphne Daniels is headed to an old family cottage with her brother and husband for a weekend of R&R, but when her husband is unexpectedly delayed and their neighbours turn out to be Daphne’s old flame and his new girl, tensions run high. Things take a bizarre turn when reports of violent bird attacks start flooding the airwaves and the sudden crisis brings out everyone’s deepest fears and darkest convictions.

"the feminist and Queer sympathies pointed out the absurdity of Cold War, "he-man" posturings, while the birds's disaffection represented similar "treason" against the human-animal hierarchy...this play is a harbinger of fine talents"
- George Elliott Clarke, Literary Critic, Playwright and Poet Laureate

"an immersive spectacle...nuanced and innovative...a suspenseful, perfectly realized period atmosphere telling a new story in which the birds are both ever-present yet entirely incidental."
- Istvan Dugalin Reviews

"masterful homage to a highly specific filmic tradition and massaging complex performances from a formidable cast."
- Aisling Murphy, Intermission Magazine

"a remarkably effective exercise in style...The pacing, the suspense, the growing sense of danger, the last-minute twists, are all in place."
- Patrick Young

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